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Chinese mums are becoming more demanding in what they want to achieve as well as savvier in how they achieve these goals. This has profound implications and opportunities for brands marketing to mums.

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Table of Content


  • Definition
  • Report structure
  • Methodology
  • Abbreviations

Executive Summary

  • The mum population
  • Figure 1: Population projection of women aged 20-49, Total and urban China, 2006-21
  • Two important demographic changes are taking place
  • Figure 2: Mums in China, by age demographics, 2013 vs. 2018
  • Uniqueness of Chinese mums
  • The consumer
  • Mums’ top concerns reflect the importance of family over self
  • Figure 3: Mums’ top concerns, July 2013
  • Mums place importance on quality but are also spending in a savvier way

An Overview of Mums in China

  • Key points
  • Mums by the number
  • Figure 11: Population of mums in China, 2013
  • Mum population: shrinking in total in China, rising in urban areas
  • Figure 12: Birth rate in China, 1979-2011
  • Figure 13: Fertility rate in China, 2003 vs. 2011
  • Figure 14: Population projection of women aged 20-49, Total and urban China, 2006-21
  • Changing demographics of Chinese mums
  • Postponed child birth leads to older first-time mums
  • Figure 15: Fertility rates for first born child in China, 2011 vs. 2003

The Consumer – Mums’ Top Concerns

  • Key points
  • Mums’ top three concerns: child education, family health and financial wellbeing
  • Figure 22: Mums’ top concerns, July 2013
  • Child education stays on top from birth until reaching adulthood
  • Figure 23: Mums’ concerns over child education, by age of children, July 2013
  • Figure 24: Mums’ concern over child education, by income, July 2013
  • Figure 25: Financial impact of children’s education, April 2012
  • Differences in concerns by high vs. low income mums
  • Figure 26: Mums’ top concerns, by income, July 2013

The Consumer – Changes in Shopping and Spending

  • Key points
  • Spending for quality, but saving by making smart purchases
  • Figure 27: Changes in shopping habits, July 2013
  • Younger mums more attracted by places with child-friendly facilities and online shopping
  • Figure 28: Changes in shopping habits, by mums’ age, July 2013

The Consumer – Mums’ Purchase Influencers

  • Key points
  • Friends outweighs parents, online exceeds TV
  • Figure 31: Influencing persons and channels, July 2013
  • Mums with higher levels of income and education tend to leverage multichannel information
  • Figure 32: Influencing channels, by income, July 2013
  • Figure 33: Influencing persons, by income, July 2013
  • Figure 34: Influencing persons, by income, July 2013 (continued)
  • Mums most interested in health, fashion and beauty, and entertainment programmes

Key Issue – Attitudinal Differences among Chinese Mums

  • Key points
  • Typologies of mums
  • Figure 38: Typologies of mums, China July 2013
  • Figure 39: Attitudes, by types of mums, July 2013
  • Pragmatic ambitious mums
  • What do they think?
  • Who are they?
  • How do they act?
  • Marketing implications
  • Mature under-control mums

Key Issue – Capitalising on Online Opportunities when Marketing and Selling to Mums

  • Key points
  • Rapid growth of online retailing in China
  • Nearly all mums who are internet users have shopped online
  • Figure 40: Online shopping penetration among mums, by platforms, February 2013
  • Mother and baby sector grows faster than total online retailing
  • Figure 41: Market size of online retailing in China, total and mother and baby products, 2010-12
  • Online retailers make strategic investments in mother and baby sector through integration
  • Mums buy more than just mother and baby products online
  • Figure 42: Products bought via online channels in the last 12 months, by mums and not mums, February 2013

Key Issue – Catering to Mums’ Top Concern over Children’s Education

  • Key points
  • Child education is the number one priority in mums’ lives
  • More mothers nowadays find child education means more than academic excellence
  • However, they are still pressured to keep up with others and play ‘tiger mums’
  • What can brands do?
  • Mums need knowledge, empathy and confidence
  • Figure 51: Attitudes towards being a parent and child raising skills, by different types of mums, July 3013

Appendix – Incidence of Mum and Age of Children

  • Figure 70: Number of children, July 2013
  • Figure 71: Number of children, by demographics, July 2013
  • Figure 72: Age of children, July 2013
  • Figure 73: Age of children, by demographics, July 2013

Appendix – Further Analysis

  • Figure 126: Target groups, July 2013
  • Figure 127: Target groups, by demographics, July 2013
  • Figure 128: Age of children, by target groups, July 2013
  • Figure 129: Working status, by target groups, July 2013
  • Figure 130: Control of finances, by target groups, July 2013
  • Figure 131: Mum’s concerns, by target groups, July 2013

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